Download Pokemon Go 0.57.2 Apk For Android Devices


Ever since the launch, Pokemon Go has attracted and gained attention from plenty of mobile gamers with its unique gameplay. The game wasn’t available for some countries for various reasons and now its available in most of the countries. Later on, the Pokemon go was spread like a wildfire which made it as the best game of last year. But from past few days, the Pokemon Go hype was gradually decreasing due to lack of new Pokemon and new features.

Considering it, Niantic has now rolled out a new update to Pokemon Go which adds over 80 new Johto Pokemon (also known as Generation II). Besides this, the update also brings few changes and new features as well. It adds new evolution items which are necessary to evolve certain Pokemon which are available at PokeStops. From now onwards, the Pokemon will react in new ways during encounter since you’re trying to catch them. Aside from that, now you’ll able to select Pokeballs and berries right from the battle screen itself.

Two new berries are added in the game such as Nanab berries and Pinap Berries. On eating Nanab berries, it makes Pokemon move slower and easier to catch, however, eating Pinap doubles the number of candy you get if your next catch attempt is a success. The latest update also brings new hats, shirts, and pants to customize your avatar.

Download the latest version of Pokemon Go from Google Play or APKMirror.


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