HMD 105 (2024) Review: A Reliable Companion for Basic Communication


HMD Global, the company behind Nokia phones, has recently released the HMD 105 (2024) feature phone in India. This phone aims to cater to users seeking a simple, reliable device with essential features and modern touches like UPI payments. Priced at ₹999, the HMD 105 promises a blend of affordability and functionality. In this detailed review, we will assess its display, design and build quality, software and performance, battery life, and overall verdict.

HMD 105 Full Review

HMD 105 Review


The HMD 105 features a 1.77-inch QQVGA color display. While the screen resolution isn’t particularly high, it is adequate for basic tasks like making calls, sending texts, and navigating the menu.

HMD 105 Review

The colors are decent for a feature phone, and the text and icons appear sharp. The display’s brightness is satisfactory for indoor use, but reading in direct sunlight can be challenging.

Design and Build Quality

The HMD 105 (2024) embodies a classic Nokia charm with its candy bar form factor. It’s sleek and compact, measuring 115.5mm in height, 49.5mm in width, and 14mm in depth, and weighing a mere 77.5g. The phone fits comfortably in the hand and easily slips into a pocket.HMD 105 Review

HMD Global offers the phone in three vibrant colors: Blue, Purple, and Black, catering to a variety of tastes. The back cover is crafted from polycarbonate with a nano texture finish, providing a comfortable grip and a touch of elegance. The phone boasts an IP52 rating, making it resistant to dust and light splashes, ensuring durability in everyday use.

The keypad is well-spaced and tactile, making typing a breeze. The phone is equipped with dual flash that can be used as a torch, activated by double-tapping the upper joystick button.HMD 105 Review

The bottom side of the phone houses a micro USB port for charging and data transfer, a 3.5mm headphone jack for wired audio. Underneath the removable back cover, you’ll find a 1,000mAh battery, two mini SIM card slots, and a microSD card slot expandable up to 32GB for storing music, photos, and other files.

Software and Performance

The HMD 105 runs on the RTOS operating system. Navigation is straightforward, and even first-time feature phone users will find it easy to get around. The phone comes preloaded with basic applications like a calculator, calendar, alarm clock, converter, and the iconic Snake game. The inclusion of UPI payments is a significant highlight, allowing users to make digital transactions directly from their phones.

HMD 105 Review

Performance-wise, the HMD 105 handles basic tasks smoothly. There were no noticeable lags or stutters during our testing. The phone also supports dual SIM functionality, enabling users to manage two phone numbers simultaneously. Additionally, it comes with a built-in MP3 player and FM radio, offering entertainment options on the go. The call quality is clear, and the speakerphone is loud enough for most environments.

Battery Life

The HMD 105 (2024) is powered by a 1,000mAh removable battery. This might not seem like much, but given the phone’s modest hardware and software, it translates into impressive battery life.

HMD 105 Review

HMD Global claims up to 18 days of standby time and 14.4 hours of talk time on a single charge. In real-world usage, the phone easily lasts for several days with moderate usage. The battery is removable, allowing users to swap it out for a spare if needed.


The HMD 105 (2024) is a feature phone that excels in its simplicity and reliability. It’s a perfect choice for those who seek a no-frills device for basic communication tasks. The phone’s compact design, robust build quality, long battery life, and built-in UPI functionality make it a compelling option in the budget segment.

While it might not appeal to smartphone users accustomed to advanced features, it’s a worthy contender for those who prioritize simplicity, affordability, and reliability. If you’re looking for a reliable backup phone or a primary device for basic communication, the HMD 105 (2024) is definitely worth considering.


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