HTC is Working on a New VR Product, Will Launch By the End of 2017


Under the current market scenario, HTC’s mobile division is struggling but HTC Vive is winning bouts on its own end. Chia-lin Chang, HTC’s CEO explained that the Taiwan-based company has now positioned itself as a VR company. He further revealed that HTC is working on a new VR device.

HTC Vive

It is rational to expect a Vive 2 as the CEO did not mention any different thing with the upcoming gadget. So far it is known that the upcoming device will be compatible with the recent U line HTC Smartphones, but it won’t be just a phone slapped onto a headset.

From this, we can imagine a Gear VR or a Daydream style product. Either way, it will come close to a phone slapped onto a headset. It seems that HTC headset will come with some added advanced functionality. There is also a possibility that an HTC Smartphone will be the VR controller as most of the sensors are there. However, we have to wait with some patience to know what HTC is really cooking for us!

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