Pokemon Go crosses $600 million revenue in record time


Pokemon Go has created more hype than any other smartphone games. They hyped the game with impressive gameplay technique ever since it has launched. A new report from app genie says that the Pokemon Go has become the fastest game to earn $600 million in revenue.

Pokemon Go creates milestone by earning $600 million as revenue.

On the basis of data disclosed by the firm, the game hits the milestone in almost 90 days, beating other most popular games like Candy Crush Saga, Puzzle & Dragons and Clash of Clans that required 200, 400 and 500 days, respectively.

Pokemon Go gained $600 million in short period
The report also unwrapped that almost 45% of game spend on Android games in the US in Q3 this year was spent by playing Pokemon Go. It’s also noticeable that it has left only 55% of the time, where users spend playing other 19 successful games.



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