Download Google Play Store 7.1.13 Apk on your Android Devices


Android is widely known for its apps and games, which can be accessed through Google play store. Many Android users ignore the naked truth that play store itself is an app, and it too needs to be updated periodically.


Google has released a new update to Play Store app which doesn’t add anything new in the visual part, it’s just a regular update fixing common bugs and some new features. Google Play Store app comes as inbuilt by default and needs to be updated.

The Google Play Store has got a new update today, and the build version is 7.1.13. The latest version of the app runs on Android 4.0 and higher devices and comes in size of 17.12MB. There’s is no changelog available for this update, as it just fixes the regular performance oriented bugs that are expected on every release. You can download this update without any fear of bugs, as it comes in form of stable update.

The Google Play Store app on your Android smartphone or tablets can be easily updated to the newer version inside Play Store itself. If you are willing to download it manually by yourself, then download it from APKMirror.


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