Pokemon Go Update will add Capture Bonus to Increase the Odds of Catching Rare Pokemon


Frankly, Pokemon Go is no longer top grossing game in the US but still it has a good pool of users. Pokemon Go developers have recently announced that the game will be updated shortly. The updated version will allow players to catch rare Pokemon if they meet certain conditions.


Pokemon Go is now available in 31 countries starting from Kenya to Togo. As per, Pokemon developer, Niantic, the update will come with a catch bonus for catching different types of Pokemon and earning medals. One has to earn these bonus points to catch a rare Pokemon.


For example, when you have earned some real amount of bonus points or high tier of Kindles Medal then you have more chances of catching Pokemon of a certain type. Let’s consider Vulpix, or Charmander or Ponyta for fire type and likewise.

If the particular caught Pokemon belongs to multiple types, then the bonus will be aggregated for each type. Therefore, Pokemon type will play an important role in the next update.