Pokemon GO comes with new location feature in new update along with bugs fixes


Pokemon GO developer, Niantic has announced that a new update of the famous game is available for both iOS and Android platform. The update fixes its previously reported bugs and comes with a set of new improvements along with a new feature.


The updated version of Pokemon GO comes with “capture location” option which is related to statistic and is better than the previous mechanic version. In brief, from now on when you catch a Pokemon, you will be showed a particular location where you have to tap it for future use. You will not miss the trapping location because the game statistic screen will constantly guide you. However, the new feature added can be utilized only by those using Pokemon GO Plus accessory.

Previously, users got stuck in loading screen due to a bug. The new update claims to fix that bug along with a few other bugs such as slow camera speed during Pokemon battles and much more.

Niantic also stated that some new features would be coming soon, which means there will be more fixes and more new features in the game in near future.



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