Galaxy S8 release delayed! Samsung is focused on Galaxy Note 7 investigation


A few months back, Samsung released one of the most anticipated Smartphone’s of the year, Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 turned out to be a disaster with several serious malfunctions. The handset was recalled for the second time due to battery explosions and finally they have stopped selling this smartphone.


It is reported that Samsung executives have observed X-ray images of batteries sticking out of the phone’s casing. As per several reports, battery units manufactured by Samsung SDI division were to blame for the battery explosion cases. It is worth mentioning that the Note 7 units using Chinese company, ATL manufactured batteries were not having this issue.

Since the replacement batteries also exploded, Samsung is putting further investigations to look strictly into the matter. There are plenty situations such as a software glitch or a circuit board flaw or a small battery chamber or others which can lead to a battery explosions.

In order to investigate and focus more on the Galaxy Note 7 faults, Samsung has pushed Galaxy S8 release date by two weeks. Earlier, it was said that Galaxy S8 will be unveiled on 26th February 26 next year, which is a day before MWC 2017 event. For the past few years, Samsung has traditionally unveiled a handset just a day before the MWC event kicked in. It seems that, as of now, the Korean company wants to stay focused on the Galaxy Note 7 issue.

Samsung’s official statement is:

“We recognized that we did not correctly identify the issue the first time and remain committed to finding the root cause. Our top priority remains the safety of our customers and retrieving 100% of the Galaxy Note 7 devices in the market.”