Apple iOS 10.1 now available, comes with Portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus


Today, along with the release of iOS 10.1, Apple launches portrait photo mode for iPhone 7 Plus. The update comes with a handful of bug fixes, some new features. The best part of the upgrade is the photography mode.

We all know how great an iPhone camera is! This update is believed to use the Dual cameras of iPhone 7 Plus to take shots with blurred out backgrounds and making things look more original and more highly defined. Technically this feature is only a beta.


As far as other features are concerned, the update fixes some Smartwatch problems and also fixes a syncing bug that kept iTunes tracks from being stored on the Apple Watch.

On the other hand, Apple claims that the update improves Bluetooth connectivity with third-party accessories. This can be an indication that the issue with Android Wear problem that restricted Smartwatches from connecting to an iPhone device has also been fixed.

Other bug fixes and new features include watchOS 3.1 for Apple Watch, improved Map, and fixes in Messages.


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