Samsung permanently stops production and sales of Galaxy Note 7 worldwide


After a global recall and at the gun point of second recall, Samsung officially declared to stop the sale of Galaxy Note 7. The South Korean company released a statement today where the company has declared its decision to finally stop the Note 7 production, sales, and interim replacement.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7Samsung was more or less close to success in calling the global recall of Galaxy Note 7, but the battery issue was unable to be fixed, so Samsung took the decision to get done with this model by halting production. There is still a handful of Note 7 handsets in the hand of consumers so we will have to wait to see what step Samsung takes for them. Further, Samsung warned customers to power down the handset and stop using the device.

As per Samsung, follow up the process with money refund or product exchange will be announced soon. Furthermore, all official partners and carriers are instructed to stop Note 7 sales so that Note 7 owners can only ask for the money back or phone exchange.

Samsung is running an investigation process to determine the cause of the explosion of Note 7 handsets. Though it seems battery is the main reason, nothing is declared yet. Samsung needs some time to address the problem, and then only it can take next step, on whether to resume sale or permanently halt the production process.

Samsung might end up losing $17 billion if they permanently stop the sale and production of Galaxy Note 7. Even carriers are not happy on this, and they are suggesting Samsung to replace it with another smartphone very soon.