Samsung to reveal the cause of explosion of Galaxy Note 7 even after replacement


Samsung declared that the cause of the explosion on Galaxy Note 7 handsets is yet to be found. Yesterday, Samsung officially warned customers not to use Note 7. Today, Samsung officially declared second recall of Galaxy Note 7. In the meanwhile, Samsung retailers and partners are also offering the free replacement or full refund for the handset. In Taiwan, Samsung itself announced a $95 gift certificate for replacing Note 7 with Note 5 or S7 Edge (The price gap will also be refunded).


Samsung issued a statement that it is investigating the case of Note 7 fire incidents for the replacement models and it will share more information in weeks to come regarding the fire incidents. As per a recent report, the investigators are blaming a new battery flaw for the fire incidents of Note 7.

Samsung’s official statement is:

“The replacement phones have batteries from a separate and different supplier than the original Note 7 devices. We’re currently conducting a thorough investigation, and it would be premature to speculate on outcomes. We will share more information in the coming weeks.”