Report claims most Note 7 owners are going for S7 Edge as replacement


Samsung officially recalled Galaxy Note 7 for the second time, and they will also reveal the reason behind the explosion in coming weeks. In the meanwhile, most official retail partners and carriers have started to offer either a free replacement or full refund.


Yesterday, Samsung posted a warning not to use Samsung Note 7. Analysts also predicted a fall in company trust with back to back Note 7 failures but Note 7 owners are happy to get a Smartphone replacement with a Smartphone made by none other than Samsung itself. Actually, many retailers and carriers have no stock left of Note 7 and are waiting for shipments to arrive so they started to offer this free replacement or refund scheme.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge shares same price range with Note 7 so most of the Note 7 owners are turning their head towards the S7 Edge. This phenomenon is observed in Taiwan and the same is expected for theĀ US and other countries.

On the other hand, Samsung announced exclusively for Taiwan that the customers who own a genuine Galaxy Note 7 can exchange it for free or get a full refund from any of its official carrier or partners. Further, if the customer chooses to replace Note 7 with Note 5 or S7 edge then they will get a gift certificate worth $95.

Note 7 is costlier than both Note 5 and S7 Edge so Samsung also declared that the price gap will also be refunded. The price gap for S7 Edge is between $125 to $155 and for Note 5 it is between $125 to $220.



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