Xiaomi expected to arrive in the US in 2019


A Few days ago, Xiaomi unveiled its flagship smartphone Mi 6, and as usual, it wasn’t unleashed on the US and Europe regions. So the Mi fans who are habitat in the US and Europe had to look out for an informal way to get the new device. Xiaomi appointed Wang Xiang as the new Senior VP of the company when Hugo Barra joined hands with Facebook.

Xiaomi Mi 6

After the launch of Mi 6, the VP of Xiaomi, Xiang Wang Sat down with few reporters and talked about the firm’s plans. The Senior VP of Xiaomi, Wang Xiang said the firm is interested in expanding its reach to the Western world. However, he told that working with the carriers is a big problem and so desires to bring technology to the emerging markets.

Furthermore, he also said that at present the Chinese company is working in 30 markets in which most of them are still emerging. Xiaomi’s sole aim is to stretch to the majority markets and bring “innovation for everyone”. It clearly states the Chinese firm is currently contented with its 2nd position in India and 3rd position in Ukraine and doesn’t want to aim for the big ones greedily.

According to the Xiaomi VP, since the US and the UK are the carrier-driven markets they would bring more work to the R&D division. Xiang also agreed that “The engineering team is super busy and would also struggle to serve such carriers.” And, lastly, he disclosed that 2019 is a valid goal for Xiaomi to step in the US market.

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