Google files a new patent smart drag and drop feature for Android


Recently, Google has filed a unique and exciting patent which will ultimately change the way smartphones are used. The patent filed by Google is a new smart drag and drop feature among the apps on Android. Using this license, you will be able to drag a content like a text or a photo or a restaurant and drop it into an appropriate app which can use that content respectively – such as messaging app, photo editor or Google Maps.

The machine learning helps the smartphone to know which type of the content you’re dragging and the proper app for it. Likewise, if you initiate dragging a restaurant’s name your phone will identify what it is for and suggest you book a table or navigate it through Google Maps or a Booking app.

Nowadays smartphones offer you an instant list of apps for sharing and even they also give photo-specific suggestions for photo content. However, Google will upgrade it to next level by making your phone know what type of content you’re trying to share amid the apps and what apps will work for it.

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