Microsoft Launches “Creators” Update for Windows 10 Mobile


It may have been quite a while since we have heard about a device powered by the Windows 10 Mobile operating system, but that does not keep Microsoft from updating the platform.


The latest Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update will feature several interesting updates, most of them focused on 3D experience. Releasing the update, Microsoft says that this update for Windows 10 Mobile will enable Windows 10 Mobile users to experience, create and share 3D and mixed reality. Apart from that, the Creators update also let gamers to broadcast their 3D gaming experience with other people.

The Creators update for Windows 10 Mobile will also make the Microsoft Edge browser the first web browser to take the 3D experience to the web.

Apart from these, here is some other features of Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update:

  • The Snooze option for the Microsoft Edge Browser can be set to let Cortana remind you via notification about an open browser tab that you haven’t checked out in a long time.
  • EPUB support feature is now added on to the Microsoft Edge browser. The EPUB feature helps a lot in case you spend a lot of time reading using your Smartphone.
  • If you live in the US, you can now purchase e-books from right within the Windows Store application.
  • You can now set when to turn ON/OFF your WIFI network automatically.
  • Instead of uninstalling an application from your Windows Mobile device to start over with the app, you can now make use of the Reset feature.
  • Cortana can now control volume and music playback, let you tune into radio when you ask the “What’s Playing” query and even lets third-party alarm applications to ring even during Cortana Quiet Hours.

Some of the popular devices featured in the list of Windows 10 Mobile devices supported for the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update are:



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