Nintendo reveals only 5% of users have purchased Super Mario Run


Recently, Nintendo has announced its quarterly financial results which revealed how well Super Mario Run has performed on iOS since its launch. The report discloses that the Super Mario Run was downloaded over 72 million times since its launch. These numbers are only for iOS platform whereas it hasn’t unveiled on Android yet. However, only 4 million players moved ahead paying $10 to unlock the full version of it. Among those only, 5% of players have purchased the game which is rather low for iOS mobile games.


It’s because the iOS platform is widely known for generating revenue for mobile game developers compared to Android platform. Nintendo has earned $40 million from this game and that too only with iOS release. However, it’ll be interesting to see how the game performs when it release for Android devices. The Super Mario Run is slated to release in March. And you can pre-register on Google Play to get notified when it becomes available.



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