Nokia and Orange Have Collaborated for Next-Gen 5G Networks


Say, there couldn’t be a better world than this, and it will soon be in its best elements in the coming future. As we sit on the edge of the genesis of 5G technology, we are already surmising how amazing the future would be.

Nokia, in collaboration with Orange, is working on the world’s first 5G mobile networks, and we are already stark raving mad. As per the first available information, the biggies are working together on developing an ‘Ultra Broadband’, and the Internet of Things support. Nokia, in a revival bid, has come up with an infographic, describing how its 5G network vision is far beyond the ordinary.

Nokia 5G

Much to our interest, the collaboration will transform each and everything with its next-gen blueprint of innovation, ranging from smart clothes to road toll collection. So, it’s evident that talking fridges and robots in an automated factory could be soon a reality.

Dynamic Network Slicing – Know the Sauce.

This is the process which will allow the carrier to configure networks for multiple use cases and requirements, and make them run on a piece of equipment at the same time. Nokia and Orange, in its partnership, plans ‘Massive MIMO’ and new frequency waves to work on the current 4.5G, and then soon to be deployed 4.9G networks.

Interestingly, Samsung is also planning 5G and is partnering with T-Mobile.

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