Details About Xiaomi’s Pinecone Chipset Out


It’s already a done-and-dusted fact that Xiaomi is entering the chipset markets with its Pinecone processor. The Chinese multinational is looking at planting a strong foot by packing the smartest features in its chipset, and making it the most sought-after in the industry, if at all. Notably, Xiaomi is unveiling its newest chipset Pinecone in an official event, billed for February 28 in Beijing, China.


Prior to Pinecone processor’s official launch in front of the global eye, industry analyst Sun Changxu has given out some considerable details about Xiaomi’s SoC chipset. In a post, the analyst revealed that Pinecone is powered by an Octa-Core build, and integrated with a Cat.6 baseband. This baseband is said to be different from Apple chipsets, which have an unintegrated baseband.

While giving a low-down on the new entrant in the market, Changxu said that the Pinecone Chip isn’t a great fit for low-level markets, but belong to the same category of Snapdragon 625 and Helio P10.

However, this is just a general morsel of information on Xiaomi’s Pinecone chipset. The real details will come to light on February 28, which is the official launch date. Till then, it’s very interesting to see which way the cat jumps.



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