Xiaomi to Launch In-House Chip Pinecone on February 28


Xiaomi has been working on its in-house chipset, and has allegedly named it ‘Pinecone’. That’s superb, and we know it!

Now, in a key development in the corridors of mobile technology, the Chinese multinational has announced the launch date for its first in-house processor, which is February 28. It will be unveiled in Beijing, as revealed by the company on China’s very own microblogging platform, Weibo.


Pinecone is the product of collaboration between Leadcore and Xiaomi. Samsung, Huawei, and Apple carry a notable exception of being the only smartphone giants to produce their own chipsets. Samsung produces Exynos and Huawei is associated with Kirin chipsets, Apple has its own chip brand with the name ‘A-series’.

And, Xiaomi is the new addition to the bandwagon. More importantly, it is the second Chinese hotshot to produce in-house system-on-a-chip (SoC).

Once Xiaomi’s romance with Chipset manufacturing matures into a full-time engagement, we expect to see more smart inclusions of features in its future chip products. Until then, we are really excited to see how Pinecone works.