HTC One X10 Live Images Leaked


A leak on HTC One X10 surfaced in the beginning of the year, and provided some introductory information on the device, including the integration of MediaTek Helio P10 chipset, a 16.3MP rear camera and a circular fingerprint sensor on the back.

Now, there is yet another leak on the device, giving us a clear preview of HTC’s latest smartphone.


As per the images, HTC One X10 is shown to have a single camera on the back, along with dual LED flash, and a circle-shaped fingerprint sensor. Plus, there is a power button, positioned at the right-hand side of the device, along with the volume keys.

HTC X10 2

The device seems to have a 5.5-inch screen, which is an expected trait, and comes with a 3GB RAM beneath.

The leaks have also pulled the price of the device into the spotlight, which is CNY 1,200 ($174 roughly). If these leaks have any substance to establish, it can be said that HTC is emerging as a strong competition to the mobile companies of its ilk, such a Meizu, and Xiaomi, which are known for their feature-rich products, provided at affordable prices.



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