USB 3.2 Announced with Double Transfer Speeds than Before!


The companies HP, Apple, Intel, Renesas Electronics, Microsoft, Texas Instruments and ST Microelectronics that form the SUB 3.0 Promoter Group has today made an official announcement of the specifications of the brand new USB 3.2. The latest USB 3.2 specifications will be offering multi-lane based operation for latest USB 3.2 based devices and hosts which will, in turn, allow a maximum of 2 lanes of 10Gbps operation.


In comparison, the USB 3.1 standard that was launched back in 2013 offered 5Gbps in terms of speed, which was later succeeded by the USB 3.1 generation 2 which was capable of offering 10 Gbps speed for transfer.

Few of the characteristics of the latest USB 3.2 are:

  • Existing USB Type-C cables can be used for a two-lane operation.
  • Existing SuperSpeed USB physical layer data rates and encoding technique used in a continuous manner.
  • Increase in performance and guaranteed hassle-free transitions between two-lane and single lane operations by updating the hub specification.

The final version of the specifications for USB 3.2 will be released in September during the USB Developer Days North America program. Which means, the USB 3.2 standard will not reach commercial use until at least late 2018.



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