Upcoming Huawei P11 to feature 40MP Tri-Camera Setup in the Rear


Too much of dual-camera these days? Well, then now its time for some tri-camera setup.

That’s right. Huawei, the company that managed to give some really impressive camera performance out of their P-series Smartphones (P9 and P10) is now reportedly in the works of the next P-series flagship.

The upcoming Huawei P-series smartphone dubbed the Huawei P11 is rumored to feature not two, but three camera sensors in the rear of the device thus allowing the rear camera setup to take images up to 40MP in resolution with 100% extra light and better stabilized night shots. And yeah, like the predecessors, the Huawei P11 is also rumored to feature camera lenses made by Leica.

The rear camera setup will also have features like 5x “Hybrid Zoom” technology, AI-based scene recognition and automatic framing. The setup will also be able to take selfie shots up to 24MP in resolution.

All of the rumors so far about the upcoming alleged Huawei P11 comes in courtesy of a digital artist from a private agency commissioned to create promo materials for the upcoming device. The promo images (attached below) is now removed from the source.


One interesting detail from the so-called promo posters is that nowhere is the name “P11” mentioned to identify the device, instead, the “Huawei PCE Series” branding is used.

This could be a mask for the time being to cover the actual Huawei P11 branding of the device or it could also suggest Huawei launching a new camera-centric “PCE series” smartphone.

What do you think of the “Huawei PCE Series” branding in the images?



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