Snapdragon 660 on board the Oppo R11 gets impressive scores on Geekbench


We admit it! Incessant leaks have made new smartphone launches a bit boring and you can’t deny it. Leaksters these days snap up every tidbit of information and sooner than you know it is the talk of the town. We also leaked an exclusive video a couple of days back showing the real device hands on.

Now Geekbench has come with numbers regarding the all new Snapdragon 660 processor which had us excited from day one. The new processor is evidently strong and that is what Geekbench numbers show. In fact, the single core score of 1588 is similar to the ‘Unknown Heart’ device (Nokia device)’ that appeared earlier this month.

What is more impressive is the multi-core performance which is 5,780 topping the ‘Heart’ device by 6%. If these scores are to be believed, the Oppo R11 is heading towards to flagship-grade performance. It also means that the Snapdragon 660 and the future mid-range devices carrying it will be raising the bar and shortening the gap between flagship devices.

The Oppo R11 will be sporting a 5.5-inch Full HD AMOLED display a dual camera setup of 16MP + 20MP and a somewhat average 2,900 mAh battery, not to mention VOOC Charge. The Oppo R11 is close to getting official on June 11.



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