Samsung unveiled 10nm 6GB RAM, may arrive in Galaxy Note 6


Samsung has unveiled their new 10nm 6GB RAM chip at a mobile conference in Shenzhen, China. 6GB RAM smartphones are not new though in the smartphone world but the new chip is a bit different than its predecessors as it consists a tiny 10nm form.

galaxy note 6

While the new chip is unveiled it is possible that the upcoming smartphone Galaxy Note 6 will come with it. From past few years, Tech giants are continuously working on the battery life of smartphones. Even the latest flagship from smartphone Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge has much more improved battery life. The best way to get efficient battery life is to make smaller chips.

The new 10nm LPDDR4 chip is very well in battery backup and memory management. Unlike previous chips, it doesn’t suck up battery that much. So by using this chip, the device will have a good battery life as well as free RAM.


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