Samsung Galaxy S8 to get a full-screen OLED Display


With Samsung’s upcoming smartphone, Galaxy S8, the Korean company will try its level best to get back the trust from its customers. A few days back, rumors about S8’s design and hardware were surfaced.


Last week, in the International Meeting on Information Display, Samsung Display researcher, Park Won-sang said that within the next year, Samsung will roll out a Full-screen OLED display with more than 90% display ratio. This means that there will be about 20% screen-to-body ratio difference if compared with Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge. It seems that the bezel reduction will be done at the top and bottom of the device. It also suggests that within the next couple of years Samsung will work hard on display and will aim at a bezel-less handset with 99% display area.

In the same presentation, Park Won-sang concluded that edge-to-edge screens will push manufacturers to find a place for all Smartphone-sensors under the display.

Recently, many manufacturers are trying to create a bezel-less device so Samsung is likely to get quite a competition here in this field. Very recently, Xiaomi announced that its Mi MIX will feature a 91.3% screen-to-body ratio. Further, there are some rumors on iPhone 8 as well, which suggest that the device will come with OLED display for similar reasons.