Reports Say Active 4G Users in China is above 800 Million


As per reports by local Chinese authorities, the number of people using 4G services in China is over 800 million. Well, 836 million to be exact. Comparing the latest reports with stats from just back in December 2016, there has been a 10.85% increase in numbers. The reports also point out that data consumption has also increased over previous numbers by a quarter.


Latest stats reveal that on an average, Chinese users data consumption measures at 1.28GB per month, which shows about 28% of data consumption increase when compared to results from Q4 of 2016.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China is the largest global 4G network and plans on expanding even further. Officials have plans to add about 2 million base stations for 4G services across rural China by 2018.

Users on fixed-line broadband networks have crossed the 300 million mark as per reports after Q1 of 2017, of which around 80% users make use of fiber-based broadband.

Long-distance call rates and domestic roaming rates are still a very serious issue in China, which will be soon waived starting the 1st of October, as mobile operators are now able to gain huge profits from data services.



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