Report Reveals Samsung’s Goal of Selling 60 Million Galaxy S8 Units in 2017


A new report from South Korea claims Samsung is planning to sell over 60 million units of its forthcoming Galaxy S flagship smartphone in 2017. The firm is talking about the upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 on which news are being leaked almost daily. Additionally, the report also proclaims the industry sources alleged the company has also requested its partners to supply (parts) based on its 60 million shipment goal.

However, the target of 60 million units shipment in a year is higher when compared to some of the previous S flagship devices. The Galaxy S flagship device unveiled over past three years including both Galaxy S5 and S6 sold up to 45 million units. Whereas previously unleashed Galaxy S7 which expected to be 48 million.

Besides that, the report also states Samsung will be unveiling Galaxy S8 device somewhere around in the midst of April. And it also cites that the mass production of the smartphone will headstart a month earlier in March.

Source | Via