First Alleged Live Picture of Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked


An image of a Samsung smartphone has recently caught people’s attention, and speculations are rife that it is the latest, much-talked-about Samsung Galaxy S8. That’s not to say that curiosity has got the better of us since then, and so we decided to give you some good, but uncertain, insights.

Galaxy S8 image leaks

The image, with a clear Samsung logo, features a curved Display with no Home button and almost no bezels. The other strange observation is the absence of on-screen keys. Besides this, we can also find some artifacts in the top corners of the screen and the software Grace UX may incline towards gestures for things like Back and App switching.

However, there are doubts concerning the veracity of the picture, as many believe that the image is a photoshopped Galaxy S7 Edge.

We surmise that the keys are present on either side of the Samsung logo, but have been muted for the vision to pique curiosity. We can say this, as the existing Samsung smartphones allow capacitive keys to stay out of sight when the screen is lit.

Although if the image is photoshopped still it is relevant if we merge the latest Chinese leaks. There will not be any big change in terms of build, so this image is pretty much how Galaxy S8 will look like.




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