Nokia 3310 to Run On Series 30+, Have Swappable Features


Nokia has laid the groundwork for launching its highly celebrated 3310 at Mobile World Congress, all set to begin in just a few hours. Less wonder, we all are excited about how this fresh impetus to Nokia 3310 will actually turn out to be.

There is not much information available on the Nokia reboot. All that we know that the device will have a similar, but a rather larger, colored display.

Evan Blass has given us a sweet, little dope on Nokia 3310, and now, we’ve some nitty-gritty on the device to write a piece on.

According to the famous leakster, the device runs on Series 30+, which is the OS providing support to the new range of Nokia-branded phones. Apart from this, it has been said that the device will come in multiple colors, and is equipped with swappable features, which is a blast-from-the-past feature.

On the design fronts, Nokia 3310 is a fusion of the old 3310 and the new 150. After knowing all this, we are quite buoyed up to see what this updated phone will look and feel like. Let’s see how this refreshed version will serve Nokia in the markets. We hope, it augurs well for the brand.