Nokia 3310 To Be Powered by Android OS? No It’s Not!


The rumors and other claims that are usually spread via the social media platforms out there like Facebook needs a lot of actual fact-checks before it can be believed as most of these news and other speculations spread via social media tends to end up fake.

After the rumors last week that Nokia will be bringing the old Nokia 3310 back, a similar situation happened all over the web with image and feature leaks claimed to be from the upcoming Nokia 3310.


One such rumor that caught fire pretty quickly was that the all-new Nokia 3310 will run Android. Even though it would be cool to actually get the Nokia 3310, which was dubbed the indestructible phone back then, running on Android and also a touch-screen, the idea seems a fantasy more than a probable reality.

For starters, the idea of the Nokia 3310 running Android would mean that the device should feature a touch-screen. This also means that the device will feature a screen size and display resolution (with the dimensions of the old Nokia 3310 in mind) too odd for the device.

Even the leaked image does not seem like what HMD Global would do while bringing back the Nokia 3310. The previous leak also reported that the phone will be the original feature phone only. Fans of Nokia want the old indestructible phone back. If hype over the web is something to go by, the upcoming Nokia 3310 will generate some really good sales.

Will you be getting yourself the upcoming Nokia 3310 phone? Share your thoughts below.




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