Samsung Galaxy S9 May Use 7nm Chips in 2018, Report Says


We are still waiting for Samsung to unveil their 2017 flagship Samsung Galaxy S8, which is expected to happen in March. The device is expected to feature the latest Snapdragon 835 processor from Qualcomm, which features the latest 10nm FinFET micro-architecture.

Before the official launch of the Galaxy S8 itself, now we are hearing rumors about what will happen with the 2018 flagship from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S9.


As per latest reports from ZDNet Korea, Samsung has already begun works on 7nm architecture based processors that we may be seeing in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9. Rumors also state that as Samsung started production of the 10nm processor back in November 2016, the production of the 7nm processor will begin by late 2017.

Samsung’s Chip Division Managing Director, Dr. Heo Kuk said that Samsung is aiming to produce the 7nm based chips from early 2018. He also said that the upcoming 7nm chip from Samsung will have advanced technology and competitiveness like what the company did with the 14nm and 10nm processors.

Samsung will be taking maximum advantage of the Extreme Ultraviolet Exposure Equipment [EUV] technology in the 7nm-based processor for maximum performance and efficient power consumption.

It is too early to predict of any other features of the Samsung Galax S9 or its release date. But we surely will get more details in the following months after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8.



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