New report says Android devices have more success rate than iOS devices


Earlier today, Blancco Technology Group has revealed “The State of Mobile Device Performance and Health” report for the third Q3 of this year. In which the iOS powered iPhones and iPads are globally degrading at a rate of 62%. Whereas, their rivals Android devices sustain at the failure rate of 47%.


Among all the other devices, the iPhone 6 has an extreme failure rate of 13% and followed by the iPhone 6s (9%) and the 5s (9%). The report also claims that the apps crash thrice on iOS devices compared to Android. As per the report, the apps get hit on 65% of evaluated iPhones and iPads.However, the apps only get crashed at an average of 25 percent on Android devices which is far better compared to iPhone devices.

According to the report, the Android device such as the LeEco Le 2 tops the list with a failure rate of 13%. And, then followed by the both Xiaomi’s phones like Redmi 3S and Redmi Note 3 holding 9% respectively. Lastly, the Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge remains the 4th place with 5% which is interesting.

Now moving to apps, the iOS users often face issues while using the app are Facebook (9 percent), Instagram (14 percent), and Snapchat (12 percent). These are the three apps which repeatedly keeps on crashing in most of the iOS devices such as Pokemon Go, Facebook Messenger, and Google. Meanwhile, the apps crashes which annoy most of the Android consumers are Google Play Services (10 percent), IMS Service (32 percent), and Address Book (12 percent).



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