Crazy man smashes more than a dozen iPhones at Apple Store


We have observed in past that customers having issues with handsets are not pleased with customer care executive behaviors. It is true for almost all brands. However, these stories are costlier for a renowned brand than an ordinary brand because it hurts their reputation. Mostly, these kinds of case happen because either the particular case is unique or the customer care employee lacks training.


However, it is a super rare case where a customer walks into the customer care store with a steel ball and damage as many devices possible. It is not just a story! This happened in an Apple store in France. Someone have recorded the whole incident on his or her iPhone and uploaded it on the internet. Thanks to the iPhone owner that we can get a video proof of this incidence.

Of course, we don’t have the full scoop of the video but whatever we have is just more than enough! The video features an angry customer entering the Apple store and smashing iPhones. However, the steps are calm and calculated. At a point we even see the raged customer yelling at the customer care executives that he will get his money back anyway.

However, we still don’t know the reason for his enragement, whether it is a software bug or a battery failure or anything else! After about 90 seconds of this, we see securities holding him and waiting for the police to arrive.

One thing is pretty clear; that is, if you want your money back for buying some faulty products then destroying property is not the best way to handle the issue.

Full video is here



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