Facebook is making bots for Messenger app, more efficient than earlier


Somewhere in April, Facebook has been following the traditional way of its rivals and started creating bots for its Messenger app. After that, there have been more than 33,000 bots set up on Messenger by various type of businesses to aid their users. The bots can accept the transaction, share a message with users, validate reservations and so on.


Unfortunately, they were not able to track the data such as who they are interacting. Since the company owners were not able to get any intuition of their customers, so they moved to another place. But now Facebook has reported that its newly created bots will be capable of garnering the insights with the help of Facebook Analytics System.

However, now the bots have the ability to track the age, gender, educational status, language, etc. Facebook also claimed that all the data would be combined and anonymously provided to the bot developers. So you don’t need to panic thinking that all of your private chats will disclose to others. Additionally, Facebook with its analytics support it’s now welcoming the bot developers in its FBstart program to its Messenger platform. With a clear vision to help the early stage mobile startups to build their app and reach their customers.

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