Mark Zuckerberg revealed Facebook Lite now has 200 million active users


Everyone must be aware of Facebook and Messenger Lite apps which are alternatives to the Facebook’s main application pair. The Lite version of Facebook’s main application pair was introduced for the countries with slow network connectivity. Apparently, they weighed less in size and can run on slower handsets as well. The app was allegedly meant to be available only for developing markets. Whereas now it looks like the Facebook Lite app is available for everyone across the world.

Facebook Lite

The CEO and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg just revealed that the Facebook Lite app has over 200 Million active users. The numbers have doubled than the previous year which is good for Facebook Lite and its worth. However, the billion dollar company should also look at its main app now and the way it’s traveling now. Obviously, if you’re looking to save some bucks for data packs or save the power consume in your device. Then you should give a try to Facebook Lite app.

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