Facebook announces Messenger Lite for Android


Facebook has announced the availability of Messenger Lite, a new version of Messenger for Android platform. Mobile data packs are still a luxury today. Messenger Lite’s main aim is to reduce data use.


Facebook reported that initially, Messenger Lite would be available only in five countries: Malaysia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Venezuela and Tunisia and then it will expand to other countries with respect to time.

Facebook decided to launch a lightweight app other than a high-end one because in today’s market plenty of users use old Android devices which have lower performing CPU, low RAM, Low ROM and runs in low bandwidths.

Facebook reported that these five countries have most Messenger users than any other country so initially, they will get the benefit of the launch of the new app.

This is going to be the second Lite version of Facebook, after Facebook Lite, which was created for the similar promotion of Facebook with low data usage than the full-fledged app.

Messenger Lite might never be released for iOS platform because iOS users have adequate storage and CPU to run the genuine version of the app.



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