Galaxy Note 7 can be used as sticky bomb in GTA V mod



It seems that Samsung is coming out of the black period of Galaxy Note 7 recall. Already a handful of faulty Galaxy Note 7 handsets have been replaced, and many are in the line of replacement. In the recent past, we have experienced various tech failures ranging from Windows Vista to Apple Map, but Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be remembered most for its weaknesses than its potentials. Recently, a video got viral on YouTube where the Samsung device is put to good use as a sticky bomb with the GTA V mod.

In the YouTube video, the player has reached a weapon store where along with a list of available armors and guns; there is Galaxy Note 7 (though it looks more like Galaxy Note 5 than Galaxy Note 7). If the device is purchased from the weapon store, the Modded Game demonstrates its use. It can be used to kill many people at once, just like a sticky bomb.

Samsung will not laugh at the GTA V mod, at least the Note 7 explosions have not caused customers, their lives! Apart from jokes, in real terms, SDI battery failures had the potential to claim lives apart from damaging property. We hope that Samsung will round up the remaining at risk handsets as soon as possible.



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