Download Paint.NET 4.0.13 for Windows


The Paint.NET is a free image and photo manipulation program for the Windows operating system. Almost each and every feature of the application including user interface is designed easier where anyone can work without any support. The application comes with special effects tools that can blur, sharpen, distort, reduce or increase noise and embossing as well.

The Paint.NET also has red-eye removal tool which removes red flash that appears on the eye while capturing photos. With the 3D Rotate/Zoom effects, anyone can add perspective and tilting. The program contains image manipulation tools such as brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, curves, and levels using which you can improve your pictures. Additionally, the program also lets you convert a photo to sepia or black and white. The Paint.NET has a tabbed document interface which makes it easy to interchange with multiple images.

Besides these, the tabs show a live preview of the picture as a thumbnail instead of text description. It also uses a layer system like other photo manipulation software to form the support for rich image composition. The layers are joined to a heap of transparency slides which viewing combined it creates an image. You can easily download the latest version of Paint.Net from Fliehippo.


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