Download Bengali Stickers App and Send WhatsApp Stickers in Bengali


If you are a Bengali, then you must have wanted a perfect stickers app for WhatsApp conversations. Last year WhatsApp introduced stickers in their app and, it was instantly super hit as so many third-party developers started to make awesome sticker packs for WhatsApp. There are a lot of sticker packs available in English but being a Bengali, we always wanted a Bengali stickers app for conversations.

Bengali Stickers

Now we can do this because a new app has landed on Google Play called Bengali Stickers – Bong WAStickersApp which comes with more than 200+ high-quality Bengali stickers. The app is also rated very high by the users which good. Currently, it has 4.9 ratings out of 5.

Bengali Stickers

The app contains our daily conversation stickers like “love you”, “thank you”, “happy birthday” and also many more. The developer of this app is also very updated as he pushes new updates weekly which contains fantastic new stickers. So you are always updated with new trends, new words. The users can also ask for new words.

So far this Bengali Stickers app is worth downloading. If you converse mostly on WhatsApp then you must try this app. Although it has more than 200 stickers the app size is only 5mb which is really cool. So if you are a Bengali then what are you waiting for! Go get it. The app link is given below. Click on it and download it from Google Play and enjoy.


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