Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review: The Best Fitness Tracker Under $50?


The Mi Band series of fitness trackers have been synonymous to the best budget fitness tracker ever since its first version. Fast forward to 2019 and Xiaomi has recently launched the latest Mi Band 4.

With the huge competition now than before in the fitness trackers market, how does the latest Mi Band 4 stack up against the rest of the competition? That’s exactly what we are going to find out in today’s Mi Band 4 review.

Mi Band 4 Review

Mi Band 4 Review: The Best Mi Band Ever?

The Mi Band 4 is the best bang-for-the-bucks fitness tracker that you can buy in 2019. But what does it offer at such a cheap price point? Let check out in this detailed article.

Design and Build Quality

Mi Band 4 Review

The Mi Band 4 features a simple and clean design that does not draw much attention until the display is turned ON. Another advantage of having such a design is that it suits everybody regardless of their wrist size.

Also, weighing in at just 21g, the Mi Band 4 is also very light and you will barely know its there while you wear it.

Being a fitness and activity tracker, the Mi Band 4 is built to take a beating or two. The strap is plastic, just like every other fitness tracker out there. However, there are lots of color options for the strap which you can purchase and personalize the look and feel of your band.

The Mi Band 4 comes with a touchscreen and a capacitive button below the display as well. The underside of the unit features the heart rate monitor along with the pogo-styled pins which connect to the connector pod for charging.

Mi Band 4 Review

Buckling up the Mi Band 4 around your wrist is very straightforward and wraps securely around your wrist.

One important thing to note is that the strap size of the Mi Band 4 is the same as that of the Mi Band 3, which means that straps built for Mi Band 3 will perfectly fit the Mi Band 4 as well.


The highlight of the Mi Band 4 is definitely its display. It’s bigger than its predecessors at 0.95-inches and is also a colored display, FINALLY!

Mi Band 4 Review

The display unit is a 120×240 pixel resolution AMOLED panel and gets quite bright both indoors and outdoors, up to 400 nits to be exact.

You can navigate the interface of the Mi Band 4 using the touchscreen or by using the capacitive button below it using swipes and taps.


The Mi Band 4 is very much packed in terms of features. For starters, staying true to its “fitness and activity tracker” branding, the Mi Band 4 can track almost all common activities such as cycling, walking, running, and even swimming.

Yes, you can take the Mi Band 4 swimming with you as it is water-resistant up to 50 meters in depth and 5ATM pressure.

Mi Band 4 Review

The watch can also monitor your sleeping patterns and distinguish between deep and light sleep, to give you an understanding of how well you sleep.

You can also measure your heart rate with the Mi Band 4 with the in-built heart rate monitor, however, the result may not be really accurate at all times and you should not completely rely on this sensor for precise heart rate data.

Mi Band 4 Review

The band is also capable of providing in-depth activity tracking information as it is able to track 5 data core sets for improving efficiency in power walking, up to 5 different swimming styles and 12 different data core sets for better swimming stroke and pace count, etc.

Battery Performance

One of the main reasons why people have always loved the Mi Band is because of its battery life. Unlike other fitness bands, the Mi Band series has always been able to hold the charge for several weeks at once, without having to be plugged in daily.

Mi Band 4 Review

Even though the latest Mi Band 4 comes with a colored display, the case with the battery performance is somewhat similar to its predecessors, and this has to do mainly with the fact that the display is an AMOLED unit.

Talking about stats, the battery can easily last you at least 15 days from a full 100 percent even if you are a power user. For the less active users, you will be only having to charge your Mi Band 4 once a month.

The band still connects to the Mi Fit app that you need to have on your device, where you will be able to find detailed insights on the data tracked by the Mi Band 4.

Connectivity and Pricing

The Mi Band 4 uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology for connecting with devices. You can easily pair the band with any Android or iOS device and also use it with fitness apps like Google Fit or Mi Fit that you use to track your fitness data.

Mi Band 4 Review

Even though the Mi Band 4 NFC version was launched in China, it is still doubtful whether Xiaomi will choose to launch the MFC Mi Band 4 variant in India.

The non-NFC variant is priced at RMB169 in China which translates to about ₹1,700 in India. The NFC variant costs RMB349 in China which rounds up around ₹2,000.

Final Words

Mi Band 4 is a very good fitness tracker and it has covered all the features we really want in a fitness tracker. The display, performance and battery life is very good while the heart rate sensor and the other activity trackers are pretty good and accurate. Under $50 this is a steal deal.

So, what are your thoughts about the Mi Band 4? Do let us know in the comments below. If you are looking to buy Mi Band 4 right now then you can buy it from Banggood.com as the product is not available in India right now. So if you are interested in buying the product from Banggood then check the link below.


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