MOTOSPEED Inflictor CK104 Mechanical Keyboard In-depth Review


Mechanical keyboards are considered as the holy-grail of keyboards mainly because of its “clicky” feel in terms of touch and audio. However, most mechanical keyboards are quite expensive. Some of them are priced at around 10-20 times the price of a cheap membrane-based keyboard.

If you are in search of a cheap mechanical keyboard that does not break your bank but offers the satisfaction of owning one, then the MOTOSPEED CK104 mechanical keyboard is a product that you should definitely check out.

For those among you who are interested to know more about the product, today we bring you an in-depth MOTOSPEED CK104 mechanical keyboard review.

MOTOSPEED Inflictor CK104 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Motospeed CK104 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Design and Build

Let us begin the review by talking about the design of the MOTOSPEED CK104 keyboard. It is a full-size keyboard meaning that it has 104 keys consisting of letter keys, function keys, and a dedicated Numpad as well.

However, it is quite lightweight for a full-sized keyboard and that is mainly because of the aluminum alloy construction of the keyboard casing. The casing itself is very sturdy and does not feel cheap.

Motospeed CK104 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Behind the keyboard, there are two height adjusting stands provided at the top corner ends so that you can adjust the keyboard’s position as per your liking. There are rubber pads provided in the bottom side of the keyboard’s flipside for better grip on the surface it is placed on.

The key switches used in this keyboard are compatible with the Cherry MX keys so that you can easily swap them for any similar keys of your choice.


The main highlight of this keyboard is its RGB backlighting. Even though not all colors are represented in the backlights, the effects provide a very modern look to the keyboard. There are 9 lighting effects to choose from. You can also configure unique lighting setups and store them on number keys 1 to 5 so that whenever you press the respective key, the lighting setup is auto-applied to the keyboard.

Motospeed CK104 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Below are the keyboard controls that can be used to play with the backlight effects on the keyboard.

Fn+PS keys to switch ON/OFF the backlights.
Fn+Ins keys to switch between the different preset modes.
Fn+Del keys to change the backlight colors.
Right/Left arrow keys to change the speed of backlight color changes.
Up/Down arrow keys to increase/decrease the brightness of the backlight colors.
Fn+Esc keys to reset the keyboard backlight settings.

Another awesome feature of the MOTOSPEED CK104 keyboard is anti-ghosting for all the keys on the keyboard. The anti-ghosting feature makes sure that no false keypresses are registered and that the keyboard does not confuse the input when multiple keys are pressed.


The MOTOSPEED CK104 keyboard is also a high-performance keyboard that suits all types of use scenarios. The keys have a lifespan of 50 million clicks which makes them very durable.

Motospeed CK104 Mechanical Keyboard Review

In normal use cases, the deep travel and clicky feel of the mechanical keys ensure a pleasurable typing experience. Even though the keys are built out of plastic, they do not feel cheap while typing and does provide a comfortable experience.

This keyboard is a great option for gamers as well. Its 3ms response time makes sure that all keystrokes are immediately registered which is quite important while playing games, especially multiplayer or competitive games.


The MOTOSPEED CK104 is a wired keyboard that uses a USB 2.0 connector to get connected and does not provide any alternative means to connect to a computer.

Motospeed CK104 Mechanical Keyboard Review

High-quality cables are a necessity when it comes to wired keyboards to ensure that the wire does not get damaged easily. In this keyboard, the cable wire is made of thick plastic, so you need not worry about the wire getting cut easily. However, the cable itself is not braided, which would have been ideal for cable longevity. If you are obsessed over cable management, then there is a velcro strap provided within the cable to protect the excess cable length.


The MOTOSPEED CK104 mechanical keyboard comes with a price tag of $59.12, which makes it one of the best affordable mechanical keyboards in the market.

However, if you are looking for an even sweeter deal on the keyboard, then you should definitely check out where you can find the keyboard often below the $50 price mark.

Final Words

The MOTOSPEED CK104 mechanical keyboard is one of the cheapest and most reliable mechanical keyboards that you can currently buy.

We definitely recommend this product for anyone interested in buying a mechanical keyboard but is in a tight budget. You can buy this Keyboard from which is a very reliable website for purchasing tech goods.