Latest patent suggests LG G7 might feature advanced Iris Scanner


The LG G7 is expected to be the 2018 flagship of the brand and so far little is known about what to expect from the upcoming device apart from that the G7 will feature the latest Snapdragon 845 chipset.

Today we have reports coming in the form of patents filed by LG on an advanced Iris scanner which suggests that the feature will make it to the G7.


The Iris scanner in the patent checks the characteristics of the owner’s eye while registering by using light and dark screens in order to correctly identify the changes in eye characteristics when in light or dark lighting conditions.

This does not only allows for more accurate Iris scanning but also improves security as the device’s camera can actively scan your Iris whenever you are trying to access sensitive information in the device and recognize if you are the actual owner of the device.

Also, LG has also developed a camera sensor with can transform into an IR sensor for Iris scanning unlike the setup on other devices currently available in the market where there are individual IR and camera sensors. This would mean fewer sensors to accommodate in the device’s front portion which could also mean a thinner top bezel for the LG G7.

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