iPhone 7 Dark Secrets that Apple doesn’t want you to know


The difference between different iPhone variants are supposed to be in storage capacity, isn’t it? Yes, that’s obviously true but there are other things as well, which Cupertino has never leaked! Because they don’t want you to know these dark secrets.


This issue was brought to limelight by a YouTube video posted by Unbox Therapy. The video reveals that the performance of entry level iPhone, the 32GB variant is the worst. Practically, the difference between the entry level variant and high-end variants is so large that owners might want to exchange the device.

The video shows that the 32GB iPhone 7 variant is hell slower than its expensive siblings. In the inter-variant test, the 32GB variant took almost 40% more time than the 256GB variant. Hilsenteger has not compared variants of iPhone 7 Plus in the video, but he mentioned that the 32 GB variant performs as badly as the inferior iPhone 7 variant. Even the benchmarks of the models show that the 32GB variant is about 900% slower than the 256GB variant that has a write speed of 31Mbps and the 128GB variant is a bit slower than the 256GB variant, but still delivers better performance than the 32GB variant with 298Mbps write speed.



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