Apple doesn’t allows iOS 10 users to downgrade, iOS 9.3.3 real Gold Mine?


Apple has repeatedly stopped updating their old firmware within few days after it gets released. The requirement of jailbreak iOS 10 has created a buzz over the web, whereas Apple continues doing same. It has stopped signing iOS 9.3.5 and iOS 10.0.1, Apple rolled out iOS 10 basic versions and was made public on September 13th.

Many popular jailbreak developers including Pangu, Taig, Luca Todesco have examined iOS 10 and are still working on it, whereas Pangu is confident it’s possible to jailbreak it, since its runs on Cydia and, waiting for Apple’s new iOS to base its jailbreak. Apple has not let any chance for developers to easily jailbreak its iOS, and it’s designing in such a way to avoid jailbreak.

By the way, the users who updated to iOS 10 won’t be able to downgrade their device from iOS 10 to iOS 9. The good news for iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.3.3 users is that they can jailbreak it without any problem using latest Pangu tool, it will be wise to be with 9.3.3 iOS as of now, instead of upgrading to iOS 10, for which there is still no tool available to jailbreak it.
It has been said that the jailbreak tool for iOS 10 will come out from the developers like Pangu or Taig, where other developers were not known for making it public.

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