60% of the Apple devices are updated to iOS 10


Apple has released its recent iOS adoption metrics, in which it unveils that its latest version of iOS 10 has been installed on 60% of compatible devices, which was 6% higher when compared to earlier figures.

iOS 10

Whereas, iOS has reduced its share to 32% which is 8% lesser when compared to previous ones. On the other hand, the other prior version of iOS remains installed on 8% of devices which are unalteredApple said this information today, at the release of its new Macbook Pro line-up.

The report clearly states that the iOS 10 has gained this by pushing iOS 9 downwards. The iOS 10 version was released on October 11th and, it was updated this Monday as iOS 10.1 which added portrait mode to iPhone 7s Plus Camera. And also with various improvements and fixed the core functionality, maps, and messages.



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