Images of Upcoming Nokia 2 Entry-Level Smartphone Leaked!


In the beginning of this month, some leak suggested that Nokia is developing an entry-level Android handset dubbed the Nokia 2, which will feature a Snapdragon 212 chipset. Even though no more details on the Nokia 2 were provided at that time, we now have some image leaks which is supposed to be of the upcoming Nokia 2 Smartphone.


The latest Nokia 2 image shows us the front design of the Smartphone and for the purpose of comparison, a rough image of the Nokia 3 Smartphone is also drawn next to it.

The leakster also offers a bit more details on the Nokia 2 Smartphone. For starters, the Nokia 2 will have a design similar to the Lumia 620 Smartphone in the past and the choice of chipset to power the device could be either the Snapdragon 212 or the Snapdragon 210.

From the leaked Nokia 2 image, it is also interesting to note that the device features software-based navigation buttons, which is missing from all the current lineup of Nokia devices out there.

So, what do you think of the possible Nokia 2 Smartphone? Leave your opinions as comments below.

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