Leaked Images reveal possible Chinese Samsung Galaxy J7 with Dual-Camera setup


The official launch of the Samsung Galaxy J7 happened the previous month and is currently available for sale in selected markets across the globe. However, there were rumors that the Galaxy J7 that will be launched in the Chinese markets will be different from the global variant.


Now we have leaked images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy J7 Chinese variant and it seems like the main difference between the Chinese and global variants of the Galaxy J7 will be in terms of the camera setup. The international version of the Samsung Galaxy J7 featured a single 13MP rear camera, however, the leaked Chinese variant of the Galaxy J7 shows off a dual-camera setup in the rear.


Apart from the camera setup though, the device does not seem to have any other design changes and no other details on the possible launch date and the pricing of the Chinese Galaxy J7 are known so far.

Source | SourceVia


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