Huawei Honor 6 Faces Zack’s Durability Test, Performs Badly


A popular YouTube handle, JerryRigEverything, has shared a video that shows Honor 6X undergoing a series of quality and durability tests.

For anyone unacquainted with what Zack’s durability test, it is an extensive procedure, where every open surface of a smartphone is checked thoroughly and is put through various tough pressures.

Here are the key conclusions of Honor 6X durability test by Zack.

  • The screen protector gets easily scratched, and therefore, you may have to scout around for a screen protector that’s scratchproof;
  • The metal earpiece is positioned ideally, and the spaces around it have been kept small, so as to avoid accumulation of dust or lint;
  • The Dual Rear cameras are scratch-resistant and quite stronger in build than the front camera.
  • While back panel and SIM tray are built using metal, the top and bottom edges are made of plastic. The plastic corners will be able to absorb shocks and sustain drops better than those constructed using metal. And, of course, buttons are also plastic-made.
  • The fingerprint scanner stopped working after it got scratched. So, no doubt, it is a weak link.
  • Honor 6X failed in the bend test, as there are no anchor points in the middle of rear casing and the chassis, which is certainly an aspect that doesn’t deliver. Even the LCD panel may get easily damaged when dropped.

This brings us to a conclusion that if you really want your Honor 6X to survive the normal wear and tear, you need to put money into buying a great screen protector, or a solid case.

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