Google Play Store 9.0.15 APK build is now available to download


Google Play Store is the hub of all Android games and apps. Google updates this app regularly and add new features and fix bugs. The last version of Google Play Store was 8.9.24 and now it directly jumps to build 9. The new version of this app is 9.0.15. The update is not available through OTA yet so you have to download it manually and then install it.

Google Play Store

As always every new update of Google Play Store fix bugs, tighten the security of the apps and also block all the loopholes in the app. This update is not an exception. As it is now in build 9 so we hope there will be more changes regarding the user experience. We will keep you updated on this.

So if you want to keep your smartphone safe with new updates of Google Play Store then download it now from here. Download the APK file, install it and enjoy.


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