Gameloft’s Gangstar: New Orleans now available on iOS and Android


Gameloft is a very popular mobile game developer for iOS and Android, and their latest Gangstar: New Orleans game is now officially available on the iOS and Android operating systems. The Gangstar: New Orleans game resembles the GTA-series games very much in terms of gameplay and was earlier soft-launched in selected countries a few weeks ago.

Gangstar New Orleans

From today, the Gangstar: New Orleans game will be free to download and play on both iOS and Android operating systems. (The game features in-app purchases).

The Gangstar: New Orleans is Gameloft’s attempt to create an open world game for gamers who own an Android or iOS device. The game allows players to free-roam the virtual city of New Orleans. However, the main objective of the game is to play through a story mode to become the biggest criminal on your own turf. Apart from the story mode, the free-roam mode allows you to take surprise missions and have odd fights with biker gangs, cops etc.

Gangstar New Orleans

Apart from the gameplay character which is completely customizable, one other cool feature of the Gangstar: New Orleans game is that you can choose from a wide array of vehicles and weapons available in the game and even create your own arsenal by fusing different available weapons.

Gangstar New Orleans

As per Gameloft, the Gangstar: New Orleans game has triple-A quality graphics and awesome soundtrack that should provide a very immersive gaming experience for the users.

Download: App Store │ Google Play


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